"A Stone Appears" - Teaser Trailer 

"Logline: A man and a woman live in an infinite loop of a repetitive routine, until a stone appears.

This is the latest short film by Constantine Venetopoulos featuring Bill Skarsgärd and Emma Doxiadi by Award Winning cinematographer Sean Price Williams.

"Silent Treatment" - Teaser Trailer

"The Forum" - Teaser Trailer

"Proust and the Man in the Attic"- Sample Interview

"Silent Treatment" - A Short Film

Abandonment is a language written in silence- a sort of a death, for the dead. Pain seeks refuge in poetry, yet loss is a brick wall we have to learn how to walk through, or we choose to remain in a loop. Silent Treatment is a visual poem that sheds light on just that: the wall. This is my first wall.

"Over and Over" - Music Video