Alpha to Omega



A thing made or used for sitting on.


A seat with a back on which one person sits, typically having four legs and often having arms


When a group of friends experiment with a New Language, while gathering at a summer house in Greece, something happens.


A Flower Called Chamelia




"We will let you go if you open your eyes”.

Chamelia knows she is lost somewhere.

somewhere between all these women.

They are somehow connected.

She is not just crazy.

It's not that easy.

They’re lying.

She knows it.

It can't be.

The Aging Sin

At 5:20am the day began descending through time. 19 hours is all it would take for their empire of values to succumb to nothing. This is how the Winterrowd story begins and this is how it ends. There is a party to be had. A dual celebration: Lucien’s 50th birthday and Lionel’s nomination for a Nobel Prize under the category of Science, which becomes the setting of their unfolding sins. A family crumbles into the pieces of the domino game that is the Winterrowd fate. Mother, father, children, grandmother, caregiver, and those occasional bystanders called friends; each arrive at the party with a plan. Yet what they forget is that when man makes plans God only laughs at them. It all begins with Lucien’s decision to end her life before the clock announces Midnight. One by one their sins become but the pieces of a puzzle that avalanche into one greater evil. One that no one can see coming.

Stolen Eve

From the moment Ervin and Eve met, a peculiar connection arose amongst them. It was a profound understanding of, and addiction with, each other. Could it have been because of the common links they shared- from Ervin’s abusive father and absent mother, on to Eve’s dark forgotten past, that brought and continued to keep them together? Or was their love a part of a greater design? Her haunting shadows on the one hand- no happy endings- and his distorted memory revealing itself piece by piece on the other, were more than enough to drive them insane. It was Eve’s demons that came for her first and so she fled, stolen.